How To Install A Heated Paver Driveway

Shoveling snow is not new to Long Islanders. After last week’s “bomb cyclone”, we all got to pull out the trusty shovels and snowblowers, cross our fingers for the neighborhood kids to come by, and wish there was a magic button we could push to make the snow go away.

Amazingly, there is a magic button—in the form of snow-melting mats that can be installed under driveways. Driveway heating systems can be built-in under concrete, asphalt, or paver driveways, and depending on your situation could possibly be added under your existing driveway. And remember, these fantastic anti-ice systems are not only for driveways! Think walkways, patios, outdoor kitchen areas and any other paved space that you’d like to access in the winter.

Here’s a great explanation on the installation process from our friends at Techo-Bloc.

If you’re looking to install a heated driveway system, Astro Masonry has all the supplies you need to battle our harsh (and back-aching!) Long Island winters. Contact us today!