How To Use Polymeric Sand

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Using polymeric sand is the secret to a long-lasting masonry installation. Once applied and activated, this special sand hardens between pavers and blocks out weed growth and deters insect activity. Polymeric sand virtually eliminates erosion normally experienced with regular sand. Use it in paver joints 1/8″ to 4″ in width, and for both natural stone and manufactured stone pavers.

For existing patios with traditional sand, use a powerwasher to remove the old sand completely. Straighten or replace any missing and damaged pavers and apply polymeric sand as normal.

Need some pointers on application? Check out these fabulous how to videos from our friends at Techo-Bloc.

Step 1: Sweep the Sand

Step 2: Consolidate the Jointing Material

Step 3: Use A Push Broom & Backpack Blower

Step 4: Activate the Polymeric Sand

Step 5: Final Hydration

Step 6: Remove Debris From Textured Pavement

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